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League #04050414


1.      League Safety Officer: Andrew Maitland

2.      Rio Vista Little League will distribute a copy of this Safety Plan to all Managers, District Administrator, and make available to all volunteers.

3.      Emergency Phone Number: 911

Police & Fire Departments: (707) 374-2300

Additional Contact Information:

League President:              Chrissy Langlois                        [email protected]

VP of Baseball:                   David Langlois                           [email protected]

VP of Softball:                    Michelle Griffith                       [email protected]

League Secretary:             Richard Flink                             [email protected]

Player Agent:                      Nick Lopez                                [email protected]

Umpire in Chief:                Nathan Nash                            [email protected]

Concessions Manager:     Kamerin Hutson                       [email protected]

League Safety Officer:      Andrew Maitland                     [email protected]

League Treasurer:             Richard Flink                             [email protected]


4        The Rio Vista Little League will use the Official Little League Volunteer Application form to screen all volunteers (see attached form).

5.      Volunteers will be provided with various training sessions related to their involvement with Rio Vista Little League. These trainings may include:

•        First Aid / CPR

•        Coaching Skills

•        Umpiring

•        Concession Stand Safety

6.     Managers / Coaches will be responsible for the inspection of all equipment used by their team to ensure that no damaged or destroyed illegal equipment is used. Umpires shall inspect equipment within the dugouts prior to games. Any damaged or illegal equipment shall be removed from the dugout prior to the start of the game.

7.     Managers / Coaches will inspect all practice fields and game fields, prior to use, for any hazards that may cause injuries to players or coaching staff. Any hazards shall be reported to the Maintenance Staff as well as the Safety Officer to insure a timely repair. Umpires shall inspect game fields for hazards prior to the start of the games. Hazards located on game fields prior to or during games shall be repaired prior to continuing with the game.

8.     Managers / Coaches, players, and umpires shall be the only people on the field during game time. Dugouts shall be restricted to Managers / Coaches and players only. It is the responsibility of the Manager to maintain a safe and organized dugout.

9.     Each team manager shall have a stocked first aid kit with them during all practices and games. A first aid kit will also be kept in the concession building.

10.     The concession building shall post menus that are approved by the League President. Our Concession Safety Procedures shall be posted inside the concession building available for public review.

11.     Rio Vista Little League has completed and updated our 2020 Facility Survey.

12.     All accidents and injuries need to be reported. The Rio Vista Little League will use the ASAP Incident/Injury Tracking Report provide by Little League International .  Managers are required to notify the Safety Officer of all incidents/injuries within 48 hours of the occurrence.

13.     Rio Vista Little League will require all teams to enforce all Little League Rules. 

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