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           Division Alignment: These age groups are the Rio Vista Little Leagues minimum/maximum ages. Not all divisions will always be fielded. The Player Agent (or President in the Player Agents absence) may require and enforce the movement of younger/older players in accordance with Little League Regulation IV.

                •              Tee Ball: 4-7 years old
                •              Minor League Baseball: 7-10 years old
                •              Minor League Softball (Girls): 7-10 years old
                •              Major League Baseball: 10-12 years old
                •              Major League Softball (Girls): 10-12 years old
                •              Intermediate Baseball (50/70): 11-14 years old
                •              Junior League Softball (Girls): 12-14 years old


All players league age 7-10 will be evaluated and, based on the evaluation, placed in the Minor League Division or the Major League Division.

All players league age 11-12 will try out for Major Division or Intermediate Division. If a players’ skill are truly not suited for the Major or Intermediate Divisions, the player may be placed in the Minor Division.

Intermediate Baseball (50/70): Players league age 11-14 will try out and will be placed on a team.

 Junior Softball: Players league age 12-14 will try out and will be placed on a team.

 All teams will have a maximum of 12 players. The board reserves the right to expand the team size on a case by case basis however expanding the team size is discouraged due to the time play requirements set forth by Little League International.

  2.         Division Specific Rules: Rio Vista Little League will adhere to all Official Little League Rules with the following legal modifications:
 Tee Ball:
                •              90-minute time limit or 4 innings. If both coaches agree before the beginning of the game, time and innings can be reduced. A minimum of 2 innings or 30 minutes will be played.
                •              Coach pitch is allowed in T-Ball as follows: 3 pitches. If the child cannot hit one of the 3 pitches into fair territory, the Batting T will be used until the child has a successful hit.
                •              All players on the roster shall bat during the teams offensive ups, regardless of the number of outs played.
 Minor Baseball & Minor Softball:
                •              120-minute time limit.
                •              The 5 run rule is Waived upon completion of the 4th inning. (see Rule 5.07)
                •              The first 3 weeks of season games, coaches may utilize “coach assisted pitch”. Coach assisted pitch allows the   coach to pitch the number of strikes remaining after the batter would typically have been walked by   the player pitcher. If said   batter strikes out during coach assisted pitching, they are out.

  3.         Field Preparation and Cleanup: When both teams (home and away) are from Rio Vista the following will apply: The home team manager or coach is responsible for lining the field and installing the bases and pitching   mound prior to each game. The visiting team is responsible for setting up the scoreboard and keeping score. Upon completion of the final game of the day, the visiting team manager or coach is responsible for field cleanup.   This includes putting the bases, pitching mound, pitching machine away as well as turning off the lights. The home team is responsible for putting the scoreboard equipment away. Both teams will provide one parent to the   snack bar and one parent to the score keepers booth per game.

  4.         Snack bar and Score Keeping Operation: No persons under the age of 18 are allowed in the snack bar. Persons under 18 are allowed in the score box area at the discretion of the person keeping the official books.

  5.         The Home team manager or coach is responsible for securing an umpire for their games.
Umpires must be 13 years of age or older. If an umpire is under the age of 18, an adult umpire must also be on the field. The minor age umpire may be the plate umpire, however an adult must be on the field umping as well.

  6.         Per Little League International, The Rio Vista Little League has chosen to use an alternate Draft Method for all divisions above T-Ball. See Rio Vista Little League - Player Selection Process
  7.         Any player who is out of the lineup for more than three consecutive weeks (or six games) is subject to being removed from his/her team by action of the board of directors without refund. However, the board of directors   reserves the right to allow such player to remain on the roster. Managers must make the player agent aware if any player misses more than two consecutive games for any reason. Failure to do so may be cause for   disciplinary action against the manager. (See Regulation III (d)).

  8.         No player may be called up from a Minor League to a Major League team in the last two weeks of the regular season. (See Regulation III (d) 2).

  9.         The method for selecting Tournament Team players for all divisions will be the method suggested in the Little League Baseball Tournament Rules and Guidelines. The board of directors will select the managers and   coaches of the various Tournament Teams. (See Tournament Rules and Guidelines).

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